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if your talking about the item called upgrade than you can use it evolve porygon into porygon 2 when you link trade it.

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Q: What do you use an upgrade for Pokemon?
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How do you wake Snorlax in Pokemon Crystal?

You must get an upgrade for the Radio PokeGear app and use it.

What do you do with the upgrade in Pokemon Silver?

You can use Upgrade to evolve your Porygon into Porygon 2. To do this. Make your Porygon hold the Upgrade in a trade. (This will only work if trading it to a G/S or newer game.)

What is the upgrade for in Pokemon pearl?

the upgrade is used to evolve porygon into porygon-z

Is there an upgrade in Pokemon FireRed?


Where is the upgrade in Pokemon diamond?

cancalave city

Where do you get Upgrade in Pokemon Silver?

Silph Co.

How do you get an expencard upgrade in Pokemon Crystal?


Where do you get the upgrade in Pokemon FireRed?

Pokemon Tower. Why?You have to beat the Trainers Tower and the guy on the roof top will give you Upgrade.

What do you do with upgrade in Pokemon diamond?

Get a porygon 2 make it hold the upgrade and then trade. -Hope I Helped!

Where do you find a upgrade for Pokemon plantinum?

You have to buy Pokemon Platinum. (Its a separate game!)

In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl what's an upgrade?

You get it from professor oak it allows one rare Pokemon to evolve. And the answer before this was the real life type of upgrade :P

What do you do with a genius wing in Pokemon black?

You can use it to upgrade stats like protein or hp up, or you can sell it for 4900$ so.... your choice