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Anything you want to. He doesn't give you anything, it'll just show up on one of the televisions.

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Q: What do you say to the guy that is a reporter or something that's in the huge building in Pokemon platinum?
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What trainer has a gardevouir on Pokemon Platinum?

There is a cameraman-and-reporter duo wanting to fight you in a Pokemon Center, and the reporter has a Gardevoir in Level mid-50's.

What are all the fire Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

With something called CHEATS.

How do you rename your Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

you can go to a building in eterna city that has a man that will re name your pokemon. he is in a building near the biking route,but not the closest one.

Where can you get the TM thief on Pokemon platinum?

Near the Eterna Galactic Building.

How do you get a poffin case on Pokemon platinum?

talk to the man in the Pokemon fan club building in hearthome city.

Pokemon Diamond Second?

No Sry But There will be Platinum And i Heard something about a Pokemon Admant?

In which building in Pokemon platinum can you fight on wi-fi?

The battle frontier any of them

Pokemon Platinum how to get into the ribbion building?

to get into the rribbon syndicate you need t least 10 different ribbons on your Pokemon

How do you get the Kanto region in Pokemon Platinum?

In Pokemon Platinum, you can't access any other region. If something made you think that, you're wrong.

How do you get a rasor claw in Pokemon platinum?

go to the building beside the gts talk to everybody

Where is the poketech building in Pokemon platinum?

In Jubilife next to the TV Station in the north corner

Where do you find hm1 in Pokemon platinum?

Talk to Cynthia in front of Galactic Eterna Building.