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The guy who answered before me is a dumb***, you can unlock two characters now, black mage and captain falcon, i dont know how to unlock vegeta, he might not even be on there

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Q: What do you have to do to unlock vegeta in ssf2?
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How do you unlock Vegeta in ssf2 0.8b?

You cannot unlock vegeta in ssf2. You might get him in the full game

How do you unlock vegeta in ssf2 vo1?

you can't

How do you unlock vegeta in ssf2 in demo 0.7?

You cant. Its impossible.

Is vegeta in ssf2?

No, vegeta is not in ssf2.

How do you unlock characters in ssf2 demo vo7?

You unlock more characters in ssf2 dem vo7 byhacking it. You can only unlock two characters. Those characters are vegeta and black mage. You can unlock vegeta by palying as goku 100 times. Then it will go on the challenger approaching screen. Beat him and then you will have the saiyan prince Vegeta.

In which versions of ssf2 is vegeta?


How do you unlock coin mode in ssf2?

you can,t unlock coin mode on ssf2

How do you get vegeta in ssf2 demo v0.8b?

use goku 100 times

How do you get vegeta in the new ssf2 demo v0.8b?

You can unlock him by playing as Goku 20 or 30 times. But if that doesnt work try hack it. But if that doesnt work , well I cant help you.

How do you unlock knuckles in ssf2?

I'm pretty sure Knuckles isn't in SSF2.

How do you unlock dk in ssf2?

You dont have to unlock it if you have SSF 2 V0.8

How do you unlock in ssf2?

You Cant as far as i know