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Nothing only you can upgrade 5 guns in pack a punch in COD 5

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Q: What do you get if you pack a punch an M16?
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How do you pack a punch on verruct?

You cant pack a punch on verruct

Where is the pack a punch on farm?

There is no Pack-a-Punch on the Farm map

Where is the pack a punch in tranzit?

The Pack a Punch in Tranzit has to be built. Please see the related link below for a video on how to do this.

Where is the pack-a-punch on the ascension zombie map?

you can only go to the pack a punch room when the rocket lauckes then under where the rocket was is the pack a punch room

Where is the pack a punch in verruckt?

Verruckt does not have the Pack-A-Punch machine only Der Riese and the Black Ops Zombie Maps (excluding Dead Ops Arcade) have the Pack-A-Punch machine.

How much firepower does an M16 have?

5.56mm packs a punch. It's stopping power is good, but a gun like the MG3 can easily outkill an M16 with its 7.62mm rounds.

How do you unlock the m16 full auto for black ops?

The only way you can get full auto for the m16 is by playing zombies and pack a pucnhing it.

Is Pack-a-Punch a perk?


How do you upgrade the stack out on call of duty black ops on zombies?

in kino der toten u will have to buy it then use the teleporter then just just pack-a-punch it in five u will have to activate all the defkons then just use the teleporter and pack-a-punch in ascencian you will have to use all 3 landers the got to the pack-a-punch room and just pack-a-punch if you want to pack-a-punch a weapon you will need 5000 points

Does the moon have pack a punch?


Is there pack a punch in shi no numa?


Where is the pack a punch in kino der untoten?

You can teleport and after that, teleport again and you will go up to a pack a punch room above the theater.