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You don't need to feed sheep anything to keep them alive, but they need wheat to reproduce. They also eat grass after you shear them to restore their coat.

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Q: What do you feed sheep in Minecraft?
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Can you feed sheep on Minecraft?

In Minecraft, yes, you can feed sheep. Sheep can be fed wheat. When you feed a sheep some wheat, it becomes happy with you and has love heats floating around its head for a while. If you feed wheat to two sheep and bring them together, they will kiss for a few seconds, then a baby sheep will appear. This is breeding. Alternatively, if you hold wheat in your hand without feeding it to a sheep, the sheep will follow you. This is useful for herding sheep into a fenced farm. See the link in the related links below for more information.

What can you do with wheat in Minecraft?

You can make bread, cookies, cake, and feed it to cows, pigs, chicken, and sheep to make them breed.

In Minecraft I have tamed several sheep and am keeping them in a pen If I grow wheat inside their pen will they eat it as it grows or do I still have to harvest the wheat and then feed it to them?

You still have to harvest and feed them by hand.

How long does it take for a sheep to have babies in minecraft?

It happens instantly. Feed one some wheat, and the moment it contacts another sheep, a lamb will be born.

Can you ride sheep on Minecraft?


What do sheep farmers do in a drought?

FSA - feed, sell or agist. Feed their sheep supplementary feed like grain. Sell their sheep to the abattoir or reduce their numbers. Agist their sheep in an area not in drought.

What are minecraft sheep atracted to?


Where do you find a pink sheep on minecraft?

To find pink sheep in Minecraft, you will need to go to a grassy area to look because peaceful mobs spawn on grass and I have found a pink sheep which is 1/100 likely to find pink sheep but Minecraft wiki doesn't tell you about pink sheep.<(0_0<)(>0_0)>

Why do you have to feed sheep before killing them?

If you feed sheep before you kill them, you will have more meat and fat on the sheep's skin to eat! Yum!

How do you breed sheep in minecraft?

Give each sheep you want to breed wheat.

How long does a Minecraft sheep take to grow up?

a few minecraft days

How do you get sheep to like you in minecraft pe 0.5.0 alpha?

Sheep are lured and bred with by wheat. By holding wheat you can get sheep to follow you, and by touching and holding the screen where the sheep are standing, you can breed them to make a lamb.