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You can store water in it, one use is for washing dyed leather armour.

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Q: What do you do with a cauldron in Minecraft?
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How do you change the color of a minecraft cauldron?

You can't. The color of a cauldron is gray and it will stay gray.

What do you do with a cauldron in minecraft 1.2.5?

You store water in it for easy access.

How do you add ingredients to a cauldron in Minecraft?

You can't. Cauldrons can only store water.

How do you put things in a cauldron in minecraft?

You can use up to three full buckets of water on it, to fill it.

How do you make a cauldron work in Minecraft?

As of 1.2.4, cauldrons serve no purpose other than to hold water and look nice for decoration. Edit by Ozaicanyousee. A cauldron can also hold lava with mods higher then 1.2.4

Can you put water in a glass bottle in minecraft?

Yes. You can do this by right-clicking a glass bottle in water or a water-filled cauldron.

How do you put a potion in a caldraun in minecraft?

The only thing you can put in a cauldron is water. You do this by right-clicking on it while holding a water bottle.

How do you use a cauldron in minecraft?

Cauldrons in Minecraft can be used to store water, equal to a single bucket full, for filling potions with water (up to three.) You can also use the cauldron instead of a brewing stand to make potions. It requires water, a netherwart, the ingredient for whichever potion you are attempting to make, glowstone and/or redstone to increase potency and duration, and gunpowder if a splash potion is desired.

A sentence with the word cauldron?

I have a cauldron.

What is the fastest cauldron on Pottermore?

The fastest cauldron in pottermore is the Copper Cauldron, which costs 25 Galleons.

Who invented the cauldron?

A cauldron is a large pot made of metal that is often used for cooking. It is not known who invented the cauldron but it is thought to come from the French word cauldron.

How many syllables does cauldron have?

Cauldron has two syllables.