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Get a new webkinz and make a new account.

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Q: What do you do when you have an account on webkinzcom and it expires how can you make a new account?
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What happens when your webkinz account expires?

You can make a new account or put a new pet on your current expired account. Both require buying a new webkinz

How do you renew your Webkinz account?

You can if your account expires you have 30 days to get a new pet or you have to get a new account.

If your webkinz account expires can you use one of your old codes to make a new account?

no because the codes are already used

What do you do when your webkinz account expires?

you have to buy a new webkin

Can you get your webkinz account back once it expires?

The answer to that question is no because it expiered and that means that you have to make new acount.

On webkinz why does the thing that says your account expires theres a 0?

im sorry but that means that your account has expired. you cannot play on webkinz anymore unless you get a new webkinz and make a new account.

How do you log on to webkinzcom?

Go onto webkinz site and either click Log In or New Member (if you don't already have an account).

Do Webkinz codes expire?

No,they never do! Only your account can. Your account expires in about a year then you have to buy a new webkinz.

Is it true that if you log on a webkinz to your account right before it expires you get another full year plus the webkinz you already have?

No that is just a rumor. You have to buy a new webkinz when your account expires

How do you play on webkinzcom?

If you already have an account, click on the Log In button on the homepage. If you're a new member, click on the New Member button. Everything you need to do is explained from that point on.

How do you get back onto when your Webkinz account expires?

You have to adopt another pet on to your account. To do that you have to click New Member and log in there then adopt another pet.

How do you get unbaned in wizard101?

You wait until the ban time expires. If you're permanently banned though, there's nothing you can do. Maybe make a new account and follow the rules? :)

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