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In Lilycove you can play contests shop at the department store and win an exp share, a type of stone or a master ball. The first time there you battle your rival.

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Q: What do you do when you get to lilycove city in Pokemon emerald?
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Are there Pokemon contest in Pokemon emerald?

Yes in Lilycove City

Where do you go in Pokemon emerald in lilycove city?

From lilycove city if you go east you can reach mossdeep city.

Where is the museum in pokemon emerald?

It's in Lilycove City.

What does the rock do in lilycove city in Pokemon emerald?


Pokemon emerald where is the big mart?

In lilycove city.

Where do you catch a STARYU in Pokemon emerald version?

lilycove city

Where is the guy who can erase HMS on Pokemon emerald?

he is in lilycove city

Is there a place on Pokemon emerald to delete Pokemon moves?

yes in lilycove city

Were do you go after Fortree City in Pokemon Emerald?

you go next into lilycove city.

Where is lilycove in Pokemon Pearl?

There is no Lilycove in Pokemon Diamond or Pearl. Lilycove is exclusive to GBA Pokemon Games Ruby, Emerald, and Sapphire.Are you looking for...Lileep - PokemonCanalave - City

Where do you get the unnown in the Pokemon Emerald?

the seven islands near lilycove city

Where is the safari zone entrance in Pokemon emerald?

West of Lilycove city.