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This is an opinion question. Your teacher does not want to know the opinion of some random person on the internet. It's also a very easy question to answer - don't you even know what you do in your own free time?

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Q: What do you do in your free time Do you watch movies play video games or listen to music?
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Is two steps from hell a book?

Two steps from hell is a music production company that makes totally epic music!! =D The music is used for movies and video games. So listen to the music in a movie/video game, and see if you recognize it. Hehe. I actually have found some of their songs in movies and shows before.

What do nineteen year old boys like to do?

My guess is play video games and listen to music

What to do when your mum keeps you in?

You could read, sleep, watch television, play games, listen to music, or play video games.

What can your iPod do?

It depends on what it is. If its a video then it will play video's, movie's, play games, watch tv shows, listen to music. You can also put pictures on it to.

How is PlayStation used today?

Hope you mean the PS3 because the Playstation is an old console retired many years ago To play video games, watch movies/videos, listen to music, browse the Internet, etc.

Why use music in movies?

Music enhances the video.

What to do for fun stuck at home?

You could listen to music, dance, play video games, call friends, text friends, or take a nap. Hope that helped. :)

What do Chinese people like to do in China?

many people like to play games or video games, fly kites, listen to music and play outside.

Why can't music go on Facebook?

if you mean listen to music on facebook there is an app called ilike and you can listen to the music and watch the video.

What makes more money -Holly wood movies or video games?

Video Games

Is TV a multimedia?

Think about it. it has movies, music, video games and (if you have a USB) can show pics. So the way I see it. Yes it is.

What makes more money - Hollywood movies or video games?

Video Games