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You try to figure out the Abyssal Ruins and collect things. You can also explore. them. And, if you can get to the center before the torrent sweeps you out and go up the staris, you can try to get through that. If you do get through all of it, there's a special Pokemon in it. I think it's rare.

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Q: What do you do in the abyssal ruins?
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What Pokemon is in the abyssal ruins in Pokemon white?

There are no Pokemon in the abyssal ruins.

What Pokemon lives in abyssal ruins in Pokemon white?

there are no Pokemon in the abyssal ruins

Are there any Pokemon in the abyssal ruins?

There aren't any Pokemon in the Abyssal Ruins, but once you enter the Abyssal Ruins you'll hear random noises. When the noises get closer, there will be a torrent and you'll be taken back to the surface.

What is the soecial Pokemon in the abyssal ruins?

There's no special Pokémon in the Abyssal Ruins, no wild Pokémon ca be found in the ruins.

What is the Pokemon in the abyssal ruins?

There isn't a Pokemon in the abyssal ruins.. The nosies you hear is just because you are only aloud to take so many steps. The only thing in the abyssaly ruins is items and at the very last floor there is a relic crown!

How do you get on the second flore of the abyssal ruins?

Get to the middle of the ruins in under 190 steps

What is at the end of the abyssal ruins?

I consider 4F of the Abyssal Ruins to be the end. The Relic Crown can be found there, and you can sell it to the Black Belt at the Riches' villa for $100,000.

What mysterious Pokemon is inside abysall ruins?

There are no Pokemon found within the Abyssal Ruins.

What is on the second floor of the abyssal ruins?

arceus dwells in the second floor of abysal ruins.

What is the secret of the Abyssal Ruins?

i havent figured it out yet but there is a special Pokemon at the end of the ruins

Where is the staircase to the 2 floor in the abyssal ruins?

it is b14

What is at the bottom of abyssal ruins on pokemon black?