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well, I have to ask you if you have national pokedex you need it because there is a high chance that the Pokemon you send aren't found and/or catchable in your game, but sometimes you have to get help but i don't need it cause I've got an AR so i can get full info on all Pokemon!

so basicly get National pokedex

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Q: What do you do if you have no migrate option in Pokemon Pearl?
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How do you migrate a Pokemon on Pokemon Pearl?

you dont migrate from pearl you trade

How do you obtain the option of migrate from emerald in Pokemon Pearl?

i have the same. all you need to do is put Pokemon emerald in your Nintendo ds gba slot. have Pokemon pearl in the other slot. go on to Pokemon pearl and at the start menu click migrate Pokemon. oh, and you needed to have Pokemon. you need more than 6 Pokemon in your PC. i beat the champion already. so i have lots of Pokemon to migrate. hope this helped!

On Pokemon Pearl how do you migrate?

First to get the national pokedex then u can put the gameboy game into slot 2 on the DS then start your game Pearl or diamond then on the main menu you will see the option migrate.

How do you get Rayquaza on Pokemon Pearl?

You can't get Rayquaza on Pokemon Pearl. You have to MIGRATE it

How do you migrate Pokemon from emerald to pearl?

have Pokemon pearl and emerald both in the ds. it will say migrate from emerald on the Pokemon pearl screen. that`s all you need to know.

Where is regirock on Pokemon Pearl?

there is no regirock in Pokemon pearl,migrate please to get regirock

Migrate from pokemon sapphire to pearl?

read the Pokemon pearl instruction booklet.

Can Pokemon sapphire trade with pearl?

No, you can only migrate Pokemon from sapphire to pearl

If you migrate your Pokemon from emerald to pearl can you migrate it back to emerald?


Is Deoxys on Pokemon pearl?

nope you have to migrate Pokemon to get it

When can you migrate Pokemon from Pokemon LeafGreen to pearl?

yes you can

How do you get Entei in Pokemon pearl?