What do you do at the Old Chateau?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You find ghost Pokemon and rotom. And if you have any Pokemon game in your gameboy slot you can also find gengar.

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Q: What do you do at the Old Chateau?
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Where is the old chateau in Pokemon firered?

The old chateau is in diamond and pearl

What is the girl doing in the old chateau?

Apparently the Old Chateau is Haunted and the girl is a ghost any people that appear in the Old Chateau is a ghost

Can you get another old Chateau in platinum?

You can go in the Old Chateau more than once.

Where is the man in old chateau?

there is no one in the old chateau you may have seen the ghost of a person

Where is the new chateau in Pokemon diamond?

there is no such thing as a new chateau but there is an old chateau in eterna forest.

Old lady in old chateau Pokemon Diamond?

There one-time ghosts in the old chateau, but these dont do anything.

Why is there a picture that stares at you in the old chateau?

No reason at all. The game is just telling you that the old chateau is haunted.

What is in the old chateau in Pokemon diamond version?

ROTOM! you can find the plasma Pokemon in the tv of the old chateau!!!

What is the chateau in Pokemon Pearl?

The Old Chateau is where you find the Legendary Pokemon Rotom

What other Pokemon are in the old chateau in Pokemon pearl?

The only Pokemon you can find in the old chateau are gastly and Rotom.

What do you do with the girl inside the old chateau in pearl?

You do nothing. The only interesting thing in the Old chateau is the rotom inside the telly.

What do you do in the old Chateau?

catch rotom!