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talk to copycat in saffron city, then find the poke doll in the Pokemon fan club, then take it to her.

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Q: What do you do after you get the train pass ticket in Pokemon soulsilver?
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What do you do after you've got the magnet train pass on Pokemon soulsilver?

after you get the magnet train pass use the magnet train

How do you get the railroad ticket on Pokemon SoulSilver?

go to Pokemon fan club in vermilion and talk to guy in pink shirt he will give you doll to give to copycat in saffron she will give you train pass

What do you do with the Poke Doll lost by he Copycat in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You give it back & she will give you the magnet train pass.

Pokemon SoulSilver where to get a latias?

you have to get into kanto first than once you get the magnet train pass there should be a guy that will give you a device that will show you where latias is.

How do you get on the train in the heartgold and soulsilver Pokemon versions?

You have to help the CopyCat girl in the Pink House in Saffron City with her problem (after you defeat Red). After completing her task, she'll give you the train pass. You can then go on the magnet train.

Where is magnet train on Pokemon SoulSilver?

It's in Saffron city and in Goldenrod city. You have to get the Magnet Train Pass from Copycat, who lives in the street below the Magnet Train Station in Saffron City.Her house has a roof that looks like a lego. Find her Clefairy Doll, which is in the Pokemon Lovers Club in Vermillion City, and talk to the man next to it, who will then give it to you. Return it to her to get a train pass.

Can you get the liberty pass for Victini in SoulSilver and transfer it into Pokemon black or white or do you have to get it right into black or white?

The liberty ticket event is for Black and white only. You will not be able to receive it on soul silver.

Where to get a magnet train pass in Pokemon heart old?

go to magnet train manger and ask him to give you a train pass

Pokemon ss where do you get magnet train pass?

you go to the Pokemon tower

What do you do after you get the magnet train pass on Pokemon silver?


How do you get the magnet train ticket in Pokemon soulsilver?

Go to the Copycat girls house in Saffron City. Talk to her upstairs and she'll say that she lost her doll. Go to Vermillion City's Fan Club which is north of the city. Talk to the guy with a Clefairy doll in front of him. He'll give it to you. Give it to the Copycat girl in Saffron City and she'll give you the pass.

How do you pass Pokemon SoulSilver?

When in a battle with Pokemon you will have 4 option fight,bag,Pokemon/go to Pokemon party menu and run press run to get away from the battle