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put it back in the power plant and beat the dumb galactic dude

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Q: What do you do after you get the piece from mistys gym?
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How do you open mistys gym in darckry?

you tickle mistys feet with a feather until she tells you

How do you get the missing piece from the power plant in heartgold game version?

go to mistys gym then go to the umbrella then press a on both the tubes then you should have it.

How do you get the piece for power plant in Pokemon silver?

a team rocket dude hid it at mistys gym follower him then find the part* *on the farthest left

Where in mistys gym is the power plant part in Pokemon silver?

In a inertube.

Where do you find the burglar in cerulean city on soul silver?

Mistys gym

How do you fix the power plant in soulsliver?

at mistys gym after you battle the team rocket grunt look in between tubes or in tubes [Not Sure] there is a piece that says power plant piece then go to the power plant and give it to the guy.

Where do you sandshrew in Pokemon FireRed?

You find it in the grass patch left of the city that mistys gym is in

How do you get the generator work in the power plant in Pokemon soul silver?

It's in mistys gym

Where is the shady character in Pokemon Silver?

he is at the mistys gym and then runs to the bridge there u battle him

How do you get the power back on in the radio tower in heart gold?

find machinepart in mistys gym and take it to the power plant

What must you do after you see the thief in mistys gym in soul silver?

Chase him to route 25, he will tel you where the machine part is.

How do you get Thunder stone in Pokemon Silver?

you need a pichu and than give it to bill father by mistys gym and you will get a thunder stone.