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you go back down to where the market is.go staight up until you see water and a little girl standing in front of the lake. talk to her then your rival will come and start talking. when he is done the girl will give you HM waterfall. give that to a Pokemon and surf in the water.go straight until you see a waterfall. use waterfall to climb up it and heal your Pokemon. then go nside the cave which is victory road.find your way through there. when your out of it you will have to use surf and waterfall aagain. once your up the waterfall you will be at the elite four! heal your Pokemon again and make sure there all in their fifties and at least two are in their sixties. buy lots of hyper potions and full restores and antidotes and ice heals and burn heals. once you go in to challenge the elite four you cant go back out until all of your Pokemon are dead or you beat the elite four. for the first one you can use a water Pokemon in their sixties using surf. for the second one a water Pokemon with surf would be good again exept for when the ground Pokemon use earthquake that usually kills your water Pokemon instantly. so a dark Pokemon like girantina would also work if your water Pokemon dies. for the third one who uses fire water again would work exept if they use sunny day its really bad for your water Pokemon and the infernape also has earthquake so a Pokemon like girantina would work again. for the last one who uses pshychic Pokemon a dark Pokemon should work good against her. but your still not done when you beat the elite four. go to the next room and the champion of Pokemon and your good friend Cynthia is waiting for you. you have to beat her to become the champion of Pokemon.against spiritomb attacks like earthquake and surf will take him down easily.garchomp is really weak to ice but a dragon Pokemon should work too.togekiss and milotic are weak electric types. agood fire Pokemon should be able to take down roserade. and for lucario you should use a flying type. after that Cynthia goes with you to take you to the hall of fame where professer rowan adds you and your Pokemon to the hall of fame. after that the credts roll and your main story is done. when the credits are done you will find yourself back in twinleaf. talk to your mom and she will tell you what your rival said. finish your pokedex and hand it to professer rowan. professer oak comes and starts talking. when he leaves professer rowan hands you the national dex. go to snowpoint city and now you can ride the fairy. your rival will be waiting for you. now you battle flint the third elite four and leader volkner. you and your rival will battle them. after that go to the northwest exit and talk to the fisherman. he will give you a super rod. head to stark mountain. onceyour there go inside and find commander mars and commander Jupiter along with two grunts holding on to charon. battle the commanders then they the grunts and charon will leave. find charon and talk to him. as soon as you do the police will capture him. you can also go to pal park and the snowpoint temple. in the resort area head up a pair of stairs and in front of them is a man with glasses. he will give you a villa. you can also buy furniture for it at high prices. from now on you can do whatever you want. i think to finish the game you have to complete the national dex and hand it to professer rowan. i know it sounds like alot but its actually really

easy and im just a little kid

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Q: What do you do after you beat sunyshore's gym?
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