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after beating blue go to oaks house and he will give you rock climb

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Q: What do you do after you beat blue on soul silver?
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What to do after you beat blue in soul silver?

You go outside :)

Where do you get the blue orb on soul silver?

first you need to beat red and get it to mr.pokemon

What can you do after you beat red in soul silver?

you can take a picture with blue on cinnabar and get either squirtle, charmander or bulbasaur and get Kyogre on Heart Gold and Groudon on Soul Silver

Where red and blue are in soul silver?

Blue is the viridian gym leader and red is on top of mt silver once you beat all the kanto gyms

Pokemon Soul Silver how to beat blue?

By doing what you live for, battling with good poke`mon.

What to do after you beat Brock on Pokemon soul silver?

After you've beaten Brock go beat the other six leaders then you can fight Blue

How do you beat all the Kanto leaders in Soul Silver?

to beat blue you need to defeat all kanto gym leaders then go to cinanwood he will be there

Is lavatar available in Pokemon soul silver?

yes, but first you have to beat blue (16th gym leader) and then you can find him in mt. silver cave

How do you get to use rockclimb in Pokemon Soul Silver?

You must get the rock climb HM from professor oak after you beat blue.

Where do you get the blue orb in soul silver?

You cant get the blue orb in soul silver only in heart gold

How do you get blue to go back to his gym on Pokemon soul silver?

you got to beat all the Pokemon gym leaders in kanto other then blue,then talk to him

Where is the blue orb in SoulSilver?

Blue orb is only available in Heart Gold. Red orb is available in Soul Silver after you beat the 16 gyms and then beat Red on Mt. Silver. Mr. Pokemon will give it to you then, at his house on Rt. 30.