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you can go after the legendary pokemon, or beat him again.

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Q: What do you do after you beat Tyson at the fight area in Pokemon diamond?
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Where is Tyson in Pokemon diamond?

The video game character Tyson may be encountered in Pokemon Diamond at Battle Area. He is located near the awards area at the Battle Tower.

How do you get in fight area in Pokemon diamond with r4?

beat the Pokemon league

Where is the Battle Tower on Pokemon diamond?

in fight area

Where is battle tower at in Pokemon Diamond?

At the fight area (after you beat the Pokemon league)

On Pokemon diamond where can you find a super rod?

In the fight area.

Where do you catch Roselia in Pokemon diamond?

the great marsh Or the fight area but there kind of rare in fight area

If your rival is in stark mountain how do you get him back to the fight area in Pokemon diamond?

every weekend he will be at the fight area for a battle

How To Get A Super Rod In Pokemon Diamond?

at the fight area the fisherman will give you it

How do you get super rod in Pokemon Diamond?

at the fight area speak to the fisherman he gives it to you

How do you get a sither in Pokemon diamond?

Around Fight/Survival Area they will be lv.50

How do you get to the resort area on Pokemon Diamond?

you have to fight all the Pokemon trainers and then you go to proffeser oak and then you go on a boat to the survival area

How could you enter in route 225 in Pokemon diamond?

North from the fight area, or south from the Survival Area.