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You need to go through Rock Tunnel (I think that's what it's called) to Lavender Town. From there, head west until you get to a house (not the way into Saffron, the house just to the right!) which leads to Celadon City, home of the next gym and the biggest PokeMart in Kanto.

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Q: What do you do after you beat LT Surge in Pokemon Blue?
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How to get the ninth badge in Pokemon Gold?

go to kanto and beat lt surge

In Pokemon Yellow why wont she give me squrtle?

Beat Lt. Surge first.

What do you do after you beat lt surge in Pokemon FireRed?

blah blah blah by josh

Where do you get squrtle in Pokemon Yellow?

Officer Jenny gives it to you after you beat Lt. Surge in his gym

Where do you get shock wave in Pokemon fire red?

in vermilion city, after you beat LT. SURGE he gives it to you with the THUNDERBADGE

Where do you find the TM thunderbolt in Pokemon Blue?

You receive TM24 (Thunderbolt) from Lt. Surge after defeating him.

In Pokemon Blue how do you get a fishing rod?

talk to fishermen. you can get an old rod in the city with LT surge

What level are Lt. Surge's Pokemon?

LT. Surge has a level 28 Raichu and that's it.

Why cant i fly in Kanto in Pokemon?

You don't have the 3rd badge. Go back to vermillion and beat Lt. Surge.

Where do you find lt surge after you beat him in Pokemon heartgold?

He is at the Saffron City Train Station looking at something on the wall

Where is Lt Surge on Pokemon FireRed?

He is in Vermilon city

What badge is needed to fly in Pokemon Blue?

To use the HM Fly, you have to have the Thunder Badge, won from Lt. Surge in Vermilion City.