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you go to the town where your dad is at and battle him i think...

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Q: What do you do after you beat Flannery in Emerald?
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Where do you get Overheat in Pokemon Emerald?

Beat Flannery and she'll give you this TM.

Pokemon Emerald when can you use strength?

you need to beat flannery at the gym in lavaridge town

How do you get to Flannery on Emerald Pokemon?

If you want to get to flanary in Pokemon emerald (beat team magma then they will disaper get the metorite and go down.

Where can you find trapinch in Pokemon emerald?

Trapinch can be found in the dessert in lavaridge town after you beat Flannery.

Where do you find go goggles in Pokemon emerald?

After you beat Flannery (GYM Leader in Lavaridge Town) your rival will give you Go Googles.

Which gym leader do you have to beat to be able to use strength outside of battle?

In Emerald you have to beat Flannery in Lavaridge But to get Strength you have to smash the rocks in the tunnel between Rustboro and Verdanturf. Good Luck!

How do you get past the sandstorms in Pokemon emerald?

Beat The Lavaridge Gym Leader then May will give you the GoGo Goggles(:

Who is the 4th gym leader in emerald?


In Pokemon sapphire what do you do after you beat flannery?

after you beat flannery you go back to where your dads gym is and beat that gym hope it helped :p

How do you get the glasses that allow you walk in the sandstorm on emerald?

You'll get the Go-Goggles from May or Brendon (depending on your player) after you beat the Gym Leader Flannery in Lavaridge Town.

How do you get the fourth badge on pokemon emerald?

Go to laverigde town, and beat flannery, the 4th gym leader. Be sure to bring a water, ground, or rock Pokemon with you.

What city has the fourth Gym Leader in Pokemon Emerald?

That would be Lavaridge Town, with the firey gym leader, Flannery. Beat her, and the Heat Badge is all yours! Your Welcome!