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When you get to level 90, talk to ichiban captain,and he will tell you to look for a bount in east rukongai. after that,just keep going left and left, when you reach the end of the map,you will meet the bounto and you will have to defeat it.

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Q: What do you do after level ninety on bleach training 2?
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In bleach training 2 how do you level up the gown?

first you have to get the gown then you attack hollows and hollows only and that is how you level the gown up.

Download bleach training 2?

Bleach training 2 doesnt require download,it just has to load once,and then you can play it.

What is a blue soul in bleach training 2?

a blue soul is a monster that can be floating around next to the bleach academy. dont try to fight them if you have a level less than 4

Where do you download bleach training 2?

Go To find the search box type in bleach training 2 then click any result. then you're DONE!

Where to find a blue soul in bleach training 2?

go to the bleach academy and continue to go right

Bleach training 3?

Bleach training 3 is another bleach training that is probably better... still it hasn't come out yet so no one knows how its going to be. Well if you want to play bleach training 2 go here and play bleach training 2 oh and also please just do new game dont load game or else it will do something bad too the game once you make a new game after loading Enjoy!!!

What do you need to get bankai in bleach training 2 what lv i need soukatsui for bankai?

You need level 4 Soukatsui for Bankai, my sword is the best, its called bailing, epic bankai.

Where to find stickmen in bleach training 2?

just continue to the right and pass the little ghost and your there

How many levels will a shampoo bleach lift?

Mixing shampoo + bleach might lift the hair approximately 1/2 of a level.

What are the Big Blue Souls on Bleach training 2?

if you keep walking to your right then you will eventually find one

In 'Bleach Training 2' how do you pick up the money and stuff that the monsters drop when you kill them?

Space Bar

Is there a fun bleach online RPG?

hmm well there are bleach training 1&2 Training sorry it goes to comments but when it does click the picture of the game very sorry