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Get cresselia go to canalave talk to the sailor guy he says he's lost his love of sailing he asks you if you wanna go to full moon island say yes go forward to the little forest you will see cresselia press A on her and you will have her seen in pokedex and she leaves the lunar wing before you do this go into the sailors house and talk to the little boy he says Dar..Darkra...Is wathching me... and then after you do the thing i said give him the lunar wing and he is cured.Cresselia is now a wild Pokemon but when she appears it has the normal wild music so be prepared and if she/you runs you can find it again by using the poketech thing.

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Q: What do you do after catching heatran?
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After catching heatran what do you do?

get a new game :)

What do you do after catching heatran on Pokemon pearl?

battle with her (heatran's a girl) or trade it or use it in a contest.

Can you really get heatran on Pokemon Pearl?

Yes you can. You can get Heatran on both Daimond and Pearl. Heatran is located at Stark Mountain. Heatran will be Lv. 70. Good Luck catching him!

What do you do after you get heatran on platinum?

you don't do anything more except catching more pokemon and training. I know it's quite boring

What do you do after catching rotom Giratina and heatran on Pokemon pearl?

you try to catch all of the Pokemon in the game to fill up you'r pokedex

Tips on catching HEATRAN?

Most ground-type attacks are enough to cause heatran to faint since its Fire and steel. Like other rare Pokemon, Heatran has great base stats that make damaging it very difficult. Watch out for stat-reducing movesp; Heatran likes to follow them up with strong attacks once you're weak. If you caught Cresselia, then its mist will be very handy with Heatran since it prevents stat reduction to any one on your team.

What legendary Pokemon are available after heatran?

yes it is you have to catch heatran to beat Pokemon diamond.he is found on stark mountain

How many chances are there to get Heatran?

Infinite. If you save before you battle it, then you can just turn off the game if you don't end up catching it and turn back on the game to end up where you last saved: before you battled heatran. This works for all legendary pokemon.

What evolves in to heatran?

Nothing evolves into heatran, heatran does not evolve!

What do you do after you battle heatran?

What do you do after you battle heatran?

Does Heatran Evolve?

No, Heatran does NOT evolve.

Which is better heatran or magmortar?