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hi the answer is after you deafet liza and tate you go to the spacecenter and battle team magma(the spacecenter is in mossdeep its at the northern right)then you go surf at the bottom of mossdeep and go to stoopolis if you cant find it look at your pokenav i forgot to tell you but do you know the houses in mossdeep after you deafeat the gym go to a guy named steven if you cant find the house check all the houses on the left by the gym when you find his house he will give you a HM called dive teach it 2 a water pkmn then on the pokenav on stoopolis do you see a dark blue water go ther and use dive then in the water you see little caves right go to yhe very bottom and youll find the cave go inside and use dive to go above the water and that's it well if you need more questions you know who 2 ask bye bye

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Q: What do you do after beating Mossdeep Gym in Pokemon?
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In Pokemon Emerald after getting to Mossdeep City and beating the gym what do you do if Team Magma is not in the spaceport?

You have to beat the gym leader first... then you'll find them there.

Where is the seventh gym in Pokemon ruby?

Mossdeep cityit is in mossdeep

What to do after beating the fourth gym in Pokemon Pearl?

what do you do after beating the fouth gym in pokemon pearl

Where is the 7th gym on Pokemon emeraled?

mossdeep city

Where is the 7th gym on pokemon sapphire?


Pokemon emerald where is the 7th gym?

mossdeep city

Where is the 7th gym in Pokemon sapphire?

Mossdeep City

Where can you get TM dive?

after beating the 7th gym leader talk to steven in his house in mossdeep

How do you beat mossdeep gym leader in pokemon emerald?

you get a dark Pokemon for example mightyena

How do you get to gym no7 in Pokemon Emerald?

you battle the psychic twins, tate and lisa, in the mossdeep gym.

Were is the 7 gym in Pokemon sapphire?

the seventh gym in pokemon sapphire is in mossdeep city.

How can you battle the 8th gym leader in Pokemon emerald?

i go to mossdeep city