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I dont think there is a vault in Club Penguin so I dont reely know!

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Q: What do you do In the Vault in Club Penguin?
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What is password to open the club penguin cheat vault?

its club penguin rules

What website is the club penguin vault on?

There isn't one.

What is the code to unlock the vault on club penguin?

Dig in the ground

In Club Penguin what is the combination into the vault?

there is a different answer for every player

What is the password to the cheats vault on Clubpenguin?

its club penguin rules

Where are the stolen coins on club penguin?

On top of the roof of the vault to get in there you will have to use the combination which is 8630.

The missing coins on Club Penguin?

On the ceiling of the vault because of a giant magnet caused by Herbert!!

How do you get the vault to open on club penguin?

i think u get a puffle to open it thts how i did it good luck!!

What is the easiest money cheat on club penguin?

i luv club penguin to get money, be a detective but u have to b 30 days old and go in the vault and try to complete mission 3

How do you do the case of the missing coins on club penguin after you get the coins down?

Go to the vault and click on the coins and Rookie will pop up and will talk to you.

How do you get the coins from the vault in the club penguin mission?

Search on Google for 'Case of the Missing Coins Walkthrough.' The best ones are youtube videos

What are the best account games?

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