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Q: What do you call shiny elastic silky artificial fabric?
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Use parents of canary fat fish and silky fat fish.

What 5 letter word starts with S and ends with Y?

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If Goku had a daughter what wouls she look like?

I'm guessing she would resemble goku and chi chi. I always imagined Goku's daughter having somewhat spiky and straight silky black hair, chi chi's facial features and skin complexion, and a goku-like smile.I really like this person take on Goku's daughter- in Chiyo Son on your search engine and there'll be more images. I recommend reading this author's fanfic called Warrior's Daughter on fanfiction.netHope that helps!

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What is a fine strong silky fabric?


What is a silky hamster?

A silky hamster is just a hamster with shiny fur. Its exactly the smae as any other normal sized hamster. A silky hamster is just a hamster with shiny fur. Its exactly the smae as any other normal sized hamster.

What does polyester plastic look like?

Polyester is very silky and shiny!

Which hair straightener can create silky shiny hair instantly?

The Instyler claims it does.

Garment made from flimsy sheer or silky fabric worn with a peignoir?

A garment made from flimsy sheer or silky fabric that is worn with a peignoir might be a robe or a slip. Each of these items are worn with the peignoir.?æ

What is a sentence for texture?

I was in a fabric store recently and found there to be many different textures of fabric from smooth and silky to rough and itchy.

What would a fashion designer wear to work?

For a man silky pants and a black and a white silky shirt and a white or black tie and black shiny shoes.

What is another work for silky?

"Lustrous" could work, depending on the context. The French word "moire" (with an accent on top of the "e") can be used to describe fabric, or paper. There is "smooth", "shiny", "glistening" but those might be a bit of a stretch, again depending on what it is you're describing.

What is the spelling of shefaun?

If you're referring to the sheer, silky fabric, the correct English spelling is chiffon.

What is the definition of the word silky?

The definition of silky is "of or resembling silk" and also "smooth, in a way intended to be persuasive". The word falls in the category of adjectives.

Does the new garnier fructis triple nutrition products make your hair silky and smooth?

Well my hair is naturally straight and this shampoo makes my hair shiny and smooth but just not silky.

What is the advantage of using elastomer as a fabric finish?

it creates a silky and smoother effect on the fabric..but it stays upto maximum 10 washes and slowly fades off.