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Precious stones are called gems.

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Q: What do you call precious stones with four letters?
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What are the 4 main minerals Like gems and precious stones?

The four main minerals like gems and precious stones include diamond, gold, oil and natural gas. Any country that has any of these minerals is usually considered as a rich country.

The Four C's of Diamonds and Precious Stones?

When shopping for precious stones, it is important to keep in mind the specifications which are used to judge the quality of the stones. Diamonds and gemstones are evaluated by a universal standard that is known as the "Four C's." Cut, clarity, color, and carat weight are the most important technical features of any precious stone. A certified jewelry dealer should reveal all of this information to customers. Without specialized optical equipment, it is difficult for a person to judge a diamond or gemstone and use the Four C's standards. Additionally, a GIA certification implies that a precious stone is authentic and meets the criteria that is used to market such jewelry.

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What makes rubies so valuable?

Rubies tend to be valuable because they're rarer gems and part of the four precious stones. They're often used to make beautiful jewelry, and genuine ruby can be difficult to find.

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