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Melonhead, Uberskull, Hat hog etc...

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Q: What do you call people with big heads?
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Are people with big heads smarter the small head people?

People with small heads are smarter according to studies.

Will the people on Poptropica have big heads tomorrow?


What do you call people who smoke weed?

weed heads

Hairstyles for people with big heads?

Go bald

How did the Olmec people move the big heads?

the olmec moved big heads by boat or mules, or wooden carts mixed depending on the land

What do you call the things musilim people put on there heads?


What do you call people with two heads?

they are called human beings same as you or i

Do people from Scotland have big heads?

No more than anyone else.

What is a super arch snapback hat?

basically a really big snapback for people with really big heads

What is the correct grammar for the following sentence It was formed by a group of people that had big heads?

Use "people who."

Do red heads have big nipples?

Not all red heads have big nipples. Just like people of all different colours, nipple shape can vary depending on the person.

Are the big basalt heads in Mexico built by the Aztecs?

They were built by the Olmec People.