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Fighting, arguing, bickering....

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Q: What do you call it when you are involved in a argument or hostility?
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What are call by value and call by reference?

Call by value is where the argument value is copied to the formal parameter, which is then passed to the function. While the function is executing, it can see the copy of the argument, and it can modify it, if desired, but since it is a copy, it cannot modify the original argument.Call by reference is where the argument's address (or some kind of reference to it, see the clarification below) is copied to the formal parameter, which is then passed to the function. While the function is executing, it can see the original argument, and it can modify it, if desired.Note that, formally, C and C++ are always call by value. When we use so-called call by reference semantics, whether it is explicit like in C, or implicit like in C++, we are simply treating the address of the argument as the value that is copied, but when you get into the nitty gritty details of the calling sequence, it is always call by value.As a clarification, because terminology is critical here, what we do in C and C++ is actually call by value or call by address, not call by reference. The distinction is important when you get into managed heap languages like Java and .NET, where the formal parameter is actually a reference handle to some object in the heap, and not actually a value nor an address.

What do a strike from call allowed mean?

In legal parlance, a strike from call allowed means that the hearing was dismissed. One of the parties involved requested and was granted an adjournment, so the action was stricken from that days' court call calendar. It will likely be re-scheduled.

When is something an argument?

When two people or more disagree with each other and they express their opinions. Sometimes the argument can be friendly and sometimes unfriendly.

What means to have an argument that starts with q?

* quarrel

What does you can't argue with ignorance mean?

Generally when people argue, they argue by comparing the facts that they have. The person whose facts are more compelling wins the argument. An ignorant person does not know any facts. A person who argues with no facts argues with emotion or opinion based on nothing that can be checked or verified by the other side. It is not possible to argue against nothing (no facts.) So while a person who has no facts to bolster his argument can continue arguing, it is a fruitless argument; hence, you can't argue with ignorance. The ignorant person may walk away from an argument believing himself or herself to have won -- not because he or she had the better argument based on facts that could be checked by the other side - but because he or she used opinion or feelings to bolster his or her "argument."