What do you call a stale cream bun?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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L8FT that means late for tea

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a stale bun

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Q: What do you call a stale cream bun?
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What do you call meat in a bun?

A burger

What is Dylan parcell's favorite food?

he likes to eat shampoo and ped egg fillings with a desert of chocolate poo from coogee bay hotel.he also likes to eat cream buns. HEY CREAM BUN YUM YUM CREAM BUN, and a large amount of toe jam on bread

How do you call something not fresh?

Spoiled, rotten, old, stale

What do you call a dog with a cold?

Chili dog on a bun.

What do the British call what Americans call cream?

They call it cream too.

Does your marriage reached the point where things are getting stale?

They are so many reasons, first identify what course that you call stale, then you go and change.

What is a bun?

A bun is a name for a small bread roll, often one which has been sweetened or spiced, or a roll of hair worn on the back of the head. A bun is also an obsolete term for a squirrel or rabbit, the derivation of the word "bunny" - a small "bun".

What is Fettisdagsbullar?

It's a smooth bun, made out of wheat. It's served cut in half (almost like a hamburger bun) and filled with whipped cream and marzipan. Another name is Semla.

What is the answer to question 25 in Professor Layton and the spectres call?

Puzzle No 25: Taste Test (US) or Bun Gourmet (UK) Answer = Only need to taste 1 bun, so the answer is: 1 bun

What is the homophone for Stale?


Who can you call for an ice cream sandwich?

the ice cream man!!!!!!!! (Second Answer) Call Perry's Ice Cream or Friendly's Ice Cream. Ignore the first answer, as some people are mentally brain dead.

Who can you call for ice cream?

people who owned a ice cream shop have ice cream