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Facetious has all the vowels in order.

Unoriental has all the vowels in reverse order.

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Q: What do the words facetious and unoriental have in common?
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What does the word facetious and unoriental have in common?

Both "facetious" and "unoriental" are words that use the prefix "un-" to create a negative meaning. "Facetious" means not meant to be taken seriously, while "unoriental" indicates a lack of oriental characteristics.

What do facetious and unoriental have in common?

something not to be taken literally or seriously

Is unoriental a word?


What words have all vowels in reverse order?

Assuming y isn't in the list of vowels (so only u o i e a), there's uncomplimentary, unnoticeably, and unoriental.

What is the correct spelling of facetious?


What part of speech is facetious?

Facetious means not meant to be taken seriously or literally, amusing; humorous.Sorry if that sounds facetious, but it is a valid point.

What words besides sequoia contain every vowel?

facetious. And the vowels are in alphabetical order.

What is an example of facetious language?

You expect me to give you a facetious answer to this question?I will not give you a facetious answer to this question, no sir!(Good enough?)

Correct spelling for fesisious?

The correct spelling is "facetious."

What are 9 letter words starting with f?

furniture, feathers, fraternal, facetious, frugality, famously,

Do any words in the English language have four different vowels?

Yes, many.Some, such as facetious have five.

What word contains all vowels in alphabetical?

The most common words with the 5 classic vowels are the adjectives abstemious and facetious.To include the semi-vowel Y in order, the adverb forms are abstemiously and facetiously.A comprehensive list would be:Aerious, Absteinous, Abstemious, Abstenious, Abstentious, Abstentiously, Aceriflorum, Aceriflorus, Acheilous, Acheirous, Acleistous, Adecticous, Adventious, Affectious, Aleikoum, Alpestrious, Anemious, Annelidous, Arsenious, Arteriosum, Arteriosus, Arterious, Avenious, Bacterious, Caesious, Camelious, Carnelious, Facetious, Fracedinous, Gareisoun, Gravedinous, Haeriously, Majestious, Materious, Parecious, Phragelliorynchus, Placentious, TragediousFor reverse alphabetical order for vowels, there is duoliteral, juloidea, leeuwenhoekiella, muroidea, muscoidea, pulmonifera, punctoschmidtella, quodlibetal, quodlibetary, rudoiera, subcontinental, subhyoidean, subpopliteal, subvoiceband, suoidea, tutoiera, uncomplimentary, unconsiderably, uncontinental, unconvinceably, unnoticeably, unobliterably, unoccidental, unoriental, unpolicemanly, unproprietary*Sorry, but Raeticodactylus has an A before the U so doesn't count and if we're just listing English words (as seems to be the case) then Marveillous and variations thereupon are also excluded.Removed: Marveillous, Marveillously, Raeticodactylus,