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They eat Mac and Cheese and Hotdogs and Shredded pork.

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Q: What do the vampires on the sims 2 double delex eat?
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In Sims 2 double deluxe what do vampires eat?

in sims 2 vampires eat normal sim food they are just like regular sims but they need to stay in there coffins all day or there health bars will go down.

How do you get your sims fat in sims 2 double deluxe?

by making them eat alot but they wont instantly get fat it will take some time!!!!

What kind of vampires are their?

there are 2 types of vampires the vamps who eat animal blood and the vampires who eat human blood

Do psychic vampires eat food?

All vampires eat food they all do really I am a Hybrid Vampire and I eat human food all Vampires eat human food!

Can vampires eat popsicle sticks?

No, vampires don't actually exist.

How do you eat on Sims 3?

In order for your Sims to eat on Sims 3 you simply you just need a refrigerator.

What should vampires eat and drink?


Do vampires eat toys?


Do Vampires eat pizza or not?

Do vampires eat dogs?

Yes, they eat meat.

Who are vampires enimies?

The enemies of vampires are werewolf's because vampires used to eat the people the werewolf's wanted to protect.

What do vampires eat when they felt hungry?

well.... you know how we all say that vampires