What do the letters Dip LP NP mean?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Dip LP means Diploma in Legal Practice, while NP means Notary Public.

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Q: What do the letters Dip LP NP mean?
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What do the letters NP mean for a medical professional?

Nurse Practioner.

What does np mean in texting?

"No Problem"Np means No problem.

What does NP on the back of a plate mean?


What does NP mean after a person's name?

NP = "Nurse Practitioner."

What does the medical abbreviation NP mean?

NP most commonly means nurse practitioner. It may also mean neuropsychiatric.

What are the nations in the plains?

If you mean the interior plains of the USA, these would include Badlands NP and Theodore Roosevelt NP. If you include the interior plains of Canada, then add Elk Island NP, Grasslands NP, Riding Mountain NP; and perhaps Prince Albert NP and Wood Buffalo NP.

What are national parks in the interior plains?

If you mean the interior plains of the USA, these would include Badlands NP and Theodore Roosevelt NP. If you include the interior plains of Canada, then add Elk Island NP, Grasslands NP, Riding Mountain NP; and perhaps Prince Albert NP and Wood Buffalo NP.

What does np mean in text talk?

no problem

What are some transformice tribe house codes?

House codes:/np @931629/np @709003Bootcamp like codes:/np @172976/np @608368/np @191205/np @842019/np @159932/np @593204/np @145219/np @1450120/np @449496/np @618999/np @801683/np @1014313/np @1444036/np @633644/np @808800/np @1444041Thats all I got sorry if some don't work I didn't check them allIf you want to find me on TFM my user is Butterbe

What do the initials np mean?

The initials "np" are the lazy way of writing or typing out "no problem". Or , if you are on the site " neopets" It stands for " neopoints "

What are some house tribe codes?

House codes: /np @931629 /np @709003 Bootcamp like codes: /np @172976 /np @608368 /np @191205 /np @842019 /np @159932 /np @593204 /np @145219 /np @1450120 /np @449496 /np @618999 /np @801683 /np @1014313 /np @1444036 /np @633644 /np @808800 /np @1444041 That's all I know, but I hope it'll be to help ^^

What does NP LA mean?

hm it means no problem