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They attract rare Pokemon (ex pickachu and the like)...

I'm not sure whether the pokeblock level has any affect... It could, I'm not sure

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Q: What do poke blocks do to Pokemon in the safari zone in Pokemon Emerald?
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What poke blocks raise smartness in Pokemon emerald?


How do you get poke blocks in Pokemon?

In emerald you get them in the contest hall by making them with berries.

Where do you get safari blocks in Pokemon HeartGold?

When you enter the Safari Building (where you pay the 500 Poke to get in) there should be a machine with 6 different colored dots on it. Go to it and you can customize your Safari Zones

Where can you get pokeblocks on Pokemon XD gale of darkness for the gamecube?

You cant get poke blocks in Pokemon xd gale of darkness. They are only aquirable in ruby, Sapphire, and emerald.

How do you get more poke balls on Pokemon emerald?

You buy them in the Pokemon markets.

Can i get a poke radar in Pokemon Emerald?

it is on the ship in the water

What the use of poke flute at Pokemon emerald?

you can use it to awaken your pokemon in battle

How do you evolve a Pokemon by happiness?

you have to give it poven or poke-blocks and train it

Where can you get quick claw in Pokemon Fire Red?

you will find it in the safari zone, in a poke ball.

How do you trade Graveler in Pokemon Emerald?

Get a link cable and someone else with emerald and go upstairs in the poke center

How can you help profbrich Pokemon Emerald?

By going to his backpack and taking a poke ball out of it.

When does a Pokemon want to eat again after being full in emerald?

They never want to eat every again. You can only give so many Poke-blocks to them. If they let you give unlimited food to your Pokemon, then you Pokemon would be a master at all types of contest. So if you want that Pokemon to me a Master contest winner, plan what kind of blocks you want to give it.