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If you PS2 does do that then you'll have to check if there is a CD inside it. If not then put one. I don't know what I can help you with, other then that.

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Q: What do i do if my ps2 says there is no data?
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How do you get your ps2 disc to work I have a ps2 slim Some disc's load but a lot of them don't--Can you help?

the could load when they can't read says no data

Does Rock Band PS2 version work on a PS2 console?

Yes that's why is says PS2

Can you transfer data from PC to ps2 using a usb cable?

There is a Device which has a PS2 memory card slot with a USB and it can be attached to PC to transfer your PS2 memory data to PC.

If you download PS2 data can you play PS2 games on ps3?

No you can not. You can not make a PS3 play a PS2 game if it was not already backward compatibly

Can we use PC card to save the data in ps2?


Can ps2 g work on PS3?

If your asking about ps2 games than yes. the old ps3's can right away, some of the new one's you might have to download the ps2 system data which is free on playstation network. You can build and internal memory card to save your ps2 data on. I do it all the time.

What systems does the ps2 system data work on?

it allows you to play ps2 game s on a non backwards compatible ps3

How do you copy PS1 and PS2 game data from original PS1 and PS2 memory cards to a PS3?

create a file in the ps3 harddrive

Does jaws unleashed work on PS3?

No it is a PS2 game and they do not work on most PS3 game consoles.

How can you be venom on spiderman3 for the ps2?

Im not sure but on cheatcc on spiderman3 cheats for ps2 it says that you can unlock venom by collecting all the meteorites

How can you tell if a ps2 game is online compatible?

It says on the game container.

Will the ps2 system data work on a ps3?

If the ps3 has backwards compatibility. The only ps3 system that will play a ps2 disk. (not a burned or copied disk) The 20gb and 60gb and 80gb will work. The ps2 system data is a download off of the play station store. This download won't work on the ps3 slim. I download the ps2 system data file off of the play station store. Then after I download the ps2 system data folder. I putted the ps2 disk (not copied or burned) in the ps3 slim and it didn't work. The only ps3 that will play a ps2 game has to have 4 usb ports. If the ps3 has 2 usb ports it won't work. Every ps3 model will play a ps1 game. If you have a ps2 a ps1 game will play on it. The 80gb ps3 doesn't play as many ps2 games as the 60 and 20gb ps3 do. The 20gb and 60gb play the most ps2 games.