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The random blocks they pick up, they just randonly put them back down. Some times near the place they took them sometimes far away.

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Q: What do enderman do with the block's they pick up?
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Can mobs in minecraft dig?

The Enderman can pick up certain blocks and move them around. Creepers can blow holes in the ground. But apart from these, mobs generally cannot affect the terrain.

How many blocks is an enderdragon in minecraft?

An enderman is 3 blocks tall, and 1 block wide.

How many blocks of fall damage can an enderman take?

44 Falling 43 blocks make the enderman take 19.5 hearts damage, leaving it on half a heart.

What do you you do if you keep losing random blocks minecraft?

Enderman Can Take Blocks And Place Them. You Can't Really Stop This AS It Is Part Of Minecraft. I Could Suggest Putting A Moat Around Whatever You Don't Want Being Taken AS Enderman Get Hurt By Water And Teleport Away :)

How do you hatch an enderman on minecraft?

In creative mode, you can use the Enderman Egg to spawn an Enderman.

How do you pick up the blocks at the Kaya Forests on Nabooti Island?

There are no blocks in the Kaya Forests. (see related questions)

What is an Enderman?

An Enderman is a mob in the popular survival game Minecraft.

Who is enderman fanmade from Minecraft?

The fanmade enderman is a version of the enderman MOB in Minecraft 1.8. The fanmade version of the enderman was popular because it was released before Minecraft 1.8 came out. Since the release of Minecraft 1.8, the fanmade enderman is obsolete.

Does the search engine pick up Mediafire?

A search engine will pick up media fire unless media fire blocks the engines with norobots

Can endermen take stuff out of your inventory on minecraft?

No, they only pick up blocks that are in the world

Are there enderman in minecraft pocket edition 0.8.1?

No, they are no enderman in Pocket Edition of Minecraft 0.8.1

Is the enderman a mutated Steve in minecraft?

No. a Enderman is based on a slenderman. Notch wanted to make the Enderman look a bit more frightening than a mutated Steve

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