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If you go near them they blow up. You can kill them with a sword. They spawn only at night or in caves; Somewhere dark

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Q: What do creepers do to you in Minecraft?
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Are there ancient creepers in the Ipod version of minecraft?

There aren't "ancient creepers" in the application version of Minecraft, there are creepers.

What is the Minecraft called with the creepers in it?

It's called Minecraft... creepers have ALWAYS been in Minecraft.

What is the scientific name for creepers?

The scientific name for creepers is creepus explodus. This is for the creepers in Minecraft.

Do cats in minecraft kill creepers?

No, Creepers just flee from them.

Are Minecraft creepers a error?

Yes, creepers were an error, they messed up a pig...

Are Minecraft creepers epic?


Is there creepers on peaceful for minecraft?

No hostile mobs (including creepers) are present in peaceful difficulty.

Are there creepers in Minecraft Pocket Edition?


Can creepers of minecraft kill you?

Yes, they will explode.

What do creepers eat in Minecraft?


What do creepers do in Minecraft?

They explode once they sees you.

Where do you ges ash in minecraft?

Kill Creepers.