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I don't think you do... but if yo use a gold fossil on allo, mapo, or t-rex, they have the moves like jagger!

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Q: What dig site on Fossil Fighters Champions do you get giga?
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Where is o raptor in fossil fighters champions?

Rainbow Canyon ( white pay-to-dig site)

Where to find gold fossils in Fossil Fighters Champions?

ANy random dig site just be lucky

Where is the jungle labyrinth in fossil fighters champions?

To get to the Jungle Labyrinth,go to the one untitled on the top left dig site. The jungle is the site under it.

How do you get a tophis in fossil fighters champions?

You can buy it, or dig it up at Rainbow Canyon as a giant neutral-type fossil rock (Regular dig site, availible pre-ending).

Where to find t-rex fossils in Fossil Fighters champions?

From what I know on the site, it says you can find him at Mt. Krakanak. Check the related link below.

Where do you find O-raptor in Fossil Fighters Champions?

You can find it in rainbow canyon. Just go to the neutral type pay to dig site and dig. Good luck!

How do you get a lot of miraculous fossil in Fossil Fighters Champions?

Wear the pink mask at the pay-to-dig site in treasure lake. This is not guaranteed, but 80% of the time I got at least a wondrous. P.S. They are not yellow dots they are green dots

Where to find proto in fossil fighters?

in the secret site.

Where to get a gold fossil in fossil fighters champions?

Sometimes, you can dig them up in any dig site. Using DP is unreasonable because it costs 2500. Just look for the yellow dots on your sonar after you fully upgrade it. Hope this helped!

Where to find charchar head in fossil fighters?

in the pay-to-dig site

Where is spinax legs in fossil fighters?

in dig site 1 forest

Where can you find a Pachrino fossil in Fossil Fighters?

You can find a pachrino fossil in the pay to dig site at rivet ravine. Go to the mine car on your left and take it. That will lead you to the site.