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Q: What did people in the stone age have for entertainment?
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Did stone age people have tools?

Yes, they were made out of stone, that was why it was called the stone age.

What were the people during the stone age called?

People during the Stone Age were simply referred to as "Stone Age people" or "Stone Age humans." They did not have specific names or titles as societies were small and mostly nomadic during this period.

Why do you call it the stone age?

People call it the Stone Age because of the about of stone tools at the time.

How did Old stone age people store food?

old stone age

What did the old stone age people do for fun?

Old Stone Age people engaged in various activities for fun, such as creating art on cave walls, making music with simple instruments, playing games, and storytelling. These activities provided them with entertainment, social bonding, and a way to pass the time.

What is new stone age?

The Stone Age was when many people started using tools created from stone

What is the new stone age?

The Stone Age was when many people started using tools created from stone

How long did it last the old stone age?

Not many people live long in the stone age. There were not doctors back in the stone age.

What happened when stone age people died?

They were buried by other stone age people, who then conducted their own rituals.

Where did stone-age people live?

stone age people populated most of the world and specifically lived in caves

How did stone age people eat?

They hunted for their food. =================== Like people today, stone age people had teeth. They ate with their teeth.

What did stone age people do in their free time?

Stone age people likely engaged in activities such as storytelling, creating art, playing musical instruments, dancing, and socializing with their community members. These activities helped them build social bonds, pass down cultural knowledge, and provide entertainment and relaxation during their free time.