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no one knows. they havent started working on it yet

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Q: What date is card jitsu snow coming out?
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When is card-jitsu snow coming out?

I saw the Wiki of Card Jitsu Snow. So they have problems with the dates so, it's going to be out in November 2012.

Who invented card jitsu snow on club penguin?

Rockingyaz invented card jitsu snow on club penguin. He gave Disney he idea

Is there a card jitsu snow game?

Soon there will be.

When is card jitsu warter coming out?

I know everybody is saying November 24th, 2011, but instead, this year, Club Penguin is just upgrading Card Jitsu and adding more features and games, but the actual Card Jitsu Snow likely won't come out until November 2012.

On club penguin is there going to be a new ninja game like card-jitsu water or card-jitsu snow?

there will probably be card jitsu water in January or September 2010

Is card jitsu snow going to come out?

yes it will

When does sensei come on in clubpenguin?

Sensei comes on club penguin when the martial arts catalog (in the ninja hideout) is updated with new items, when there's a card jitsu party, or when a new card jitsu game is released, like card jitsu fire, card jitsu water, or card jitsu snow.

Will there be a card jitsu snow for the computer game club penguin?

Yes, sometime in February 2013 there will be a beta test for Card-Jitsu Snow, the game includes three enemies as well!

What month will card-jitsu shadow come out?

I've never heard of Card-Jitsu shadow. If you're talking talking about Card-Jitsu Snow, I've heard May 2012, but I'm not positive.

How do you get snow cardjitsu on club penguin?

Snow card jitsu is not released. Currently, this is impossible.

Did the Card Jitsu Snow beta test end?

Yes, the card jitsu snow beta test has ended, but don't worry, because its gonna come on club penguin in May 2013!

Where is the snow stone On Club Penguin?

When club penguin releases Card-Jitsu Snow, it will bereleased.