What color is shiny Pikachu?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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When I was playing Pokemon pearl a women in a house told me that the shiny pikachu is yellow.

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Q: What color is shiny Pikachu?
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How come you can only get a Pikachu colored Pichu?

Pikachu-color scheme is the only shiny, or alternate-color, version of Pichu that exists.

Can you get shiny Raichu?

yes just get a shiny pikachu or pichu and evolve it

Where can you find a shiny Pikachu in Pokemon heart gold ad soul silver?

On Heart Gold Pikachu is found in Viridian Forest and on a few other poke walker zones

How do you get a shiny Pikachu?

You can use an action replay code for make all Pokemon shiny.

On Pokemon heartgold will the Pichu event work with a shiny pikachu?

Yes it can, but where is Shiny Pichu anyway?

Where is the shiny Pikachu on Pokemon Diamond?

It is rare to find without action replay, but if you go to the mansion below Hearthome use action replay shiny Pokemon and you'll see shiny pikachu level 20. If you don't have action replay, try either the mansion or a Honey Tree. I found shiny pikachu Lv 23 in a honey tree.

Can you name the Pikachu colored pichu?

Yes. A shiny Pichu is a same color. You can evolve a Pikachu-colored Pichu. It comes with an everstone when you receive it.

What is the pikachu code for Pokemon shiny gold?

there isn't one yet

Will a Raichu still be Pikachu-colored if you evolve your Pikachu-colored Pichu?

No, Raichu won't be Pikachu-colored if you evolve your Pikachu-colored Pichu into a Raichu, it'll look like a regular Shiny Raichu.

How do you get a different color Pikachu on HeartGold?

u put a pikachu with a ditto in a daycare then they have baby pichus Yes but they won't be shiny. The official "Pikachu colored pichu" which gets you the spikey ear pichu was only available at Gamestop from 2/13-2/27. The only way to get it now is through AR.

Why is Pikachu yellow in Pokemon?

Pikachu's natural color is yellow.

Catch a Special Pichu in platinum is it a mystery gift?

If it is shiny or Pikachu coloured then it is