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In Celadon City, go to the bike path where you use cut. When you find the house, go inside and talk to the girl.

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Q: What city do get fly from in Pokemon Yellow?
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In Pokemon Yellow how do you get into saffron city?

Walk, fly, or ride a bike.

How do you get to MTMOON in Pokemon Yellow?

You have to fly to Pewter city and go on bike and go right till you get to Mt.moon hope this helped.

How do you use fly to get to another city in Pokemon HeartGold?

Teach a Pokemon Fly after obtaining the HM and choose fly when you select the Pokemon.

Which city will you get fly in Pokemon Gold?

Cianwood City

How do you get in the casino in Pokemon Yellow?

in pokemon yellow, the casino is in celadon city. it is at the far left of the buildings in the middle of the city. L

How do you fly in Pokemon white?

Teach a Pokemon Fly, select Fly from the party screen, and select your destination. You get Fly after you defeat Bianca in Driftveil City.

What are the HMS for Pokemon Yellow?

Cut, Fly, Surf, Strength, Flash.

What is Tm number for fly in Pokemon Yellow?

HM 2 i think

Where is the casino in Pokemon Yellow?

Celadon City

Where is sliphco in yellow Pokemon?

it is in saffron city

Pokemon platinum where to find hm fly?

at the city of the Pokemon league

Where to get the water stone in Pokemon Yellow?

Pokemon mart in Celadon City