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Q: What cities in Ontario start with the latter h?
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How many German cities are there that start with H?

There are 145 cities in Germany that start with the letter "H."

Canadian towns or cities starting with the letter H?

· Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

What cities in Pennsylvania start with the letter H?

Cities in Pennsylvania that start with the letter H:HarrisburgHazletonHermitage

What cities in Ethiopia start with the letter H?


What Connecticut cities start with H?

· Hartford, Connecticut

Name cities in NewZealand start from H?

Hamilton, levin, ...

Are there any Cities or states that start with h?

Houston, Texas

Cities in SC start with H?

Hollywood honea path

What are some cities that start with H?

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; Honolulu, Hawaii

What Chinese cities start with the letter h?

Hangzhou is a city in China

Are there any cities that start with H?

Houston, Texas. Helsinky, Finland's capital. Honolulu, Hawaii.

What has the author Oswald H Latter written?

Oswald H. Latter has written: 'Elementary zoology' -- subject(s): Zoology