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There are no cheats in patapon 2; either you get a software hack system or alter the game (Only for game programmers)

There are only tips and tricks, not cheats

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Q: What cheats are there in patapon 2 for psp?
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Are there any cheats for patapon on psp?

yes it is

Is there a patapon 1 on psp?

Yes,it is on psp

How do you beat patapon 2 for the psp?

You beat every level until you beat the last level.

Where can you download patapon 2 demo for free?

You can download it from psn. You either need to install it on your computer or access it on your psp if your psp version is 5.xx.

Cheats for psp the sims 2 how to beat moana loa on intidate?

cheats for psp the sims 2 how to beat moana loa on intidate

What the best game for psp this week?

Patapon and Locoroco, as always.

Are patapon and loco roco 2 really nice games to get for psp?

Absoluetly, but loco roco is kind of short. :(

Can you get gongs scythe in patapon 2?

You could but you need cheats to get it.Try using to find a savedata.

What is better Patapon or patapon 2?

Patapon 2 is WAY better!

Where can you get nitepr cheats for patapon 3?

I saw this site has both nitepr and Cwcheat for patapon 3. Cheats work perfectly without any freezing. see link below

How much is used Patapon for PSP worth?

5 - 15 Dollars

How do you delete profile in patapon 2?

On your PSP's XMB,(the main screen): Go to Game, Then select 'Saved Data Utility' find the Patapon 2 file you wish to delete, Press Triangle, select delete, and confirm. DONE!