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To unlock everything enter 595313131313131 at the password screen.
To unlock all Ultimate Flash Sonic cheat codes you must enter a special password code. From the main menu, select "PASSWORD". Then select "ENTER PASSWORD". Now, enter 595313131313131 as a code.

The cheats are sonic run 2, tails follows, behind, big cheese, moon gravity, and jukebox.

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Q: What cheats are there in Ultimate Flash Sonic?
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Ultimate flash Sonic cheats?

the ultimate password is 595313131313131

What cheats are in Ultimate Flash Sonic?

Just go to password and type in: 595313131322222. The cheats are big cheese sonic run 2

How can I unlock cheats in ultimate flash sonic?

Enter this on the 'Password' menu: 595313131313131This code will unlock all cheats.

Cheats for super sonic in Sonic the Hedgehog flash?

Well...I Don't Know What Flash You Are Talking About But If You Are Talking About Sonic Ultimate Flash,Here Are The Cheats. UNLOCK ALL CHEATS:In Password Enter:595313131313131,Cheats Are,Sonic Run 2,Tails Follows,Behind,Big Cheese,Moon Gravity,And Jukebox.

How do you be darkspine sonic in ultimate flash sonic?

no darkspine sonic in ultimate flash sonic

How can you be espio in ultimate flash sonic?

He is not in Ultimate Flash Sonic.

How do you be super sonic in ultimate flash sonic?

No, you cannot turn into Super Sonic in Ultimate Flash Sonic.

What are some cheats for Ultimate Flash Sonic?

there are no cheats for it because it is an online flash game and there are no characters to unlock so you cant cheat, also you should just try and complete it :)

What are the passwords for sonic flash?

passwords for ultimate flash sonic

How do you unlock Super Sonic on Ultimate Flash Sonic?

Sorry, but there is no character as 'super sonic' in the game ultimate flash sonic, the only unlock-able characters are Amy Rose and Shadow The Hedgehog. For all the unlocked characters+all cheats+the full Juke box type in the password 595313131313131.

What code in ultimate flash sonic do you need to become super sonic?

You cannot turn into Super Sonic in Ultimate Flash Sonic, and there is no code that allows you to.

What are the passwords in ultimate flash sonic game?

The best password is 595313131313131 , It can get you all the characters and the cheats!