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The one it came with or one that matches the specification in the players instruction manual.

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Q: What charger will fit in your mp4 player?
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Can you charge PS3 controllers with the charger cord of a Riptunes MP4 player without damaging the charger assuming the cord fits both the controller and the PS3?


Can an mp4 fit into an iPod docking station?

MP4 is not a media player it is a codec. So you need to specify the make and model of the media player if you want help in this matter. Also weather a MP4 player will fit into the iPod docking station depends on weather it has the data port similar to iPod.

Is a coby MP620 mp3 player charger the same as a MP610 mp3 player charger? certian all have same fit and charge

Can you charge a PS3 controller with a Riptunes MP4 player charger without damaging the charger or the controller?

The PS3 controller does not need a charger. Just purchase a Sony PS3 cable and plug into any USB port. Mine is plugged into my Sony HDTV

Can an ipod charger charge an sandisk mp4?

nope they dont i have tried

Who made the MP4 player?

The peoples republic of China had prduced the MP4 player

Is 40 dollars including shipping for an 2GB Black MP3 MP4 player with a car charger and a Nano case a good deal?

I believe its too good to be true.Does the mp3 player actually work?

How do you format an mp4 player?

All you need to do is either go to the settings on the mp4 player(if there is a screen) and hit reset. Or you could plug it into the computer with a USB cord and right click on the name of the mp4 player when the computer accepts it as a device and then you click on format.

How many people can fit in a Dodge Charger?

In the new charger 5 will fit.

Can you download Bluetooth for your mp4 player?

Yp-pro mp4

What video file can a mp4 player plays?

mp4 files

An iPod Shuffle or a mp4 player?

mp4 player because the shuffle does not have a screen. the mp4 player is just a replica of the nano. also because it has more memory and you can play games on it