What channel do you use for ps3?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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That is determined by the TV and many of the newer TV have settings for other devices and the channel and TV tuner is not used and can remain on any channel.

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Q: What channel do you use for ps3?
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Can I HDMI 1.4 use the Ethernet channel for your PS3 online?

For your PS3 connection you need WiFi or an ethernet cable that is connected to the internet. The HDMI cable only connects the PS3 to the HDTV and will not provide the internet connection.

How do you make your HDMI cord work on ps3?

Plug cable into your ps3 then into your tv (your tv must have a hd channel) then just change to the hd channel and turn it on

What channel should you use for your ps3?

That depends on your TV. The PS3 for my HDTV has to be on an HDMI input that it is plugged into and not a channel. Then I added a Home theater and now it is plugged into that and the Home Theater HDMI is plugged into the HDTV HDMI input. Some TVs use 3 and others can use 99 or 98 others use aux setting

Is this a good Youtube channel name?

The channel name is CallOfDutyOwning123 It is a PS3 Gaming Channel, we do Minecraft, COD Zombies, Black Ops and more...

What channel is the PS3 on?

For older TV sets that have RCA plugs and still need to go to a certain channel they were normally in the 97 to 99 channel area

Does faze play ps3?

yes check the out youtube channel Fazeclanqsts

Can you use a PS3 rock band mic for a PS3?

Yes as you said it is for the PS3

Can you use your old PS3 hardrive in the new one?

PS3 harddrives use standard laptop harddrives and you don't need to use a PS3 harddrive. If you want to use an old PS3 harddrive you must update the information to the new PS3 model software or it will not work

Can you connect your PS3 to your desktop and use the wireless from your PS3 on your desktop?


Can you play the beatles rock band on the PS3 with a PS3 controller?

u can play it on ps3 but you can't use the ps3 controller

Where can someone get the latest PS3 news?

One can get the latest PS3 news from the PlayStation 3 News channel, and the official PlayStation website or blog. One can also get the latest PS3 news in gaming forums online.

How do you use PS3 without a PC?

A PC is not involved in the use of the PS3. I don't even know how you would use the PC with a PS3. I have both and they are both connected to the internet. If you are asking how do you use a PS3 without internet and using the word PC for the internet it does not require the internet to use the PS3 it just gives the PS3 the ability to do more and to make sure the PS3 and the games have updates. Of course without the internet you can only play offline