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All of the available cards in Over the Nexus can be found by following the link in the "Related Links" section below.

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Q: What cards can you unlock in Yu-Gi-Oh Over the Nexus?
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Is Yugioh 2007 world championships compatible with Yugioh 2011 world championships over the nexus?


Is Yugioh world championship 2011 over the nexus for ds or 3ds?

It's for the ds

Are there any us action replay codes for yugioh 5ds world championship 2011 over the nexus?

yes there is

How do you get the old elemental hero cards in yugioh 5d s over the nexus?

First you go to the shop and buy 100 packs then you go battle a elemental hero person and then you get all the elemental hero cards and you have to beat that elemental hero duelist 10 times

Can you trade cards from 'Reverse of Arcadia' to 'Over the Nexus'?

No, unfortunately cannot trade cards between different versions of the "World Championship" DS games.

What is yugioh world championship 2011 the video game's full name?

The game's full name is Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2011: Over the Nexus.

How many yugioh cards have been made in US?

there are over 22 billion nation wide possible more

Where can you buy yugioh cards?

You can find Yugioh cards in many stores Here are some stores that will have them- Wal-Mart TargetSams Club Possibly a trading card came store and Possibly a comic book store

Can you get Meklord Astro Mekanikle in Yu-Gi-Oh Over the Nexus?

No, Meklord Astro Mekanike is not available in "Over the Nexus".However, previous World Championship games have made certain cards that were not available in the game downloadable over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. The same might be done for this card.

Where is the best site to sell Yugioh cards?

is the leading gift card website, with over 6 million gift cards sold. sells personalized Visa gift cards and MasterCard gift cards, greeting cards and discounted merchant gift cards. You can see this website through the link:

How can i get all 3 yubel forms in yugioh 5d's world championship 2011 over the nexus?

In Phantom Darkness pack unlocked chapter 4 Yubel is a common card Yubel-terror incarnate is more rare than the standard Yubel and Yubel-the ultimate nightmare is as rare as E-hero rainbow neos and Rainbow Dragon which are in the same pack as the Yubel cards you can also get the earthbound immortals,signer dragons,god cards,Nordic god cards,sacred beasts and the wicked gods

How do you get the 3 Egyptian gods in yugioh stardust accelorator?

most people will say that you have to cheat to get the god cards, but the REAL way to get the gods, is to download them over WiFi when they release them