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only Alaska , its juneau

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Q: What capital in the us starts with j?
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What capital of a usa state starts with a J?

US Capital Cities that start with the letter "J"Juneau, AlaskaJefferson City, MissouriJackson, Mississippi

What starts with a j in Alaska?

The State's Capital in Juneau.

What is the capital of the 49th state that starts with J?

Juneau, Alaska

What is a US capital that starts with C?

The US Capital is Washington DC.

What is a street name in the us that starts with a j?

A street that starts with a J is "Jackson street" and "J street".

What is a city in Alaska that starts with a J?

A city in Alaska is the capital, Juneau.

What southern Atlantic state with a capital that starts with a and has a g or j sound is what?

Jefferson City

What is a us capital that starts with n?

Only one U.S. state's capital city starts with the letter N. Nashville is the capital city in Tennessee.

Capital city that starts with J?

Jakarta - Indonesia Jamestown - St. Helena

What is a city that starts with J located in the US?


What is the city of the us state Alaska that starts with a j?


What word in southern US starts with j?

Jacksonville is a city in Florida. It begins with the letter J.