What can you do on the PSP?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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play games listen to music get on the internet and other things

-well u can first learn how to move around the controls and then get better and better and buy more games and eventually get really great at it...

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Q: What can you do on the PSP?
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What PSP came out before PSP go?

befour psp go was psp 3000 slim but every one says psp 3000 all the psp is psp,psp1000 ,psp,1004 ,psp2000 ,psp3000 ,psp3004 ,psp3000 slim ,psp go ,psp E1000 ,psp vita

What is better PSP street or PSP 3000?

Psp street is much better i have psp 3000 and psp street and psp street is better then psp i would say.

Which PSP is the best between original PSP PSP slim or PSP 3000?

psp 3000 totally

How many versions of Sony PSP are there?

PSP-1000, PSP-2000, PSP-3000, PSP-N1000. Thus, there are four versions of Sony PSP.

Is the PSP cheaper than the PSP slim?

the only psp which is just called ''psp'' is the first one and they are almost imposseble to find these days. but the only psp which is more expensive is ''psp go'' ''psp E1000'' and ''psp vita''

What is the difference between a PSP and a PSP 3000?

The PSP 3000 is the third generation of the PSP system, there is also a PSP 2000 (AKA slim). a PSP 1000 (AKA phat). and the PSP go, which is the most recent iteration of the PSP.

Is there a PSP emulator that works without a PSP?

There is no psp emulator that works without the psp. There is a psp emulator for the PC if u wanted to play psp games.

What is better a PSP or a PSP go?

I like the PSP but i would have to sa the PSP go

Does PSP 3006 has wifi?

The PSP models that have Wi-Fi are; PSP-1000, PSP-2000, PSP-3000, PSP Go (N-1000). The PSP E-1000 (PSP Street) does not have WiFi

Which is better PSP go or PSP vita?


What is better a PSP go or a PSP?

psp go

IS A PSP 1000 the same as a PSP original?

PSP-1000, or PSP Phat, are just the names for the PSP's original model, yes. PSP-1000 is the model number.