What can manaphy breed with?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Manaphy can breed with Ditto to make a Phione, but you can only breed Manaphy ONCE. You can breed the Phione with Ditto to make more Phione.

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Q: What can manaphy breed with?
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What will happen if manaphy and Blastoise breed on Pokemon HeartGold?

Manaphy and Blastoise cannot breed. Manaphy can only breed with ditto or another Manaphy.

How do you get a phione in platinum?

You cannot find a Phionie, you have to breed a Manaphy.

Can you breed Spiritomb?

Yes, any Pokemon can breed. Except legendaries, where the only breed able legendary is manaphy, and manaphy only breeds a phione, which does not evolve to manaphy.

Does Phione evolve into Manaphy?

No, Phione does not evolve into Manaphy. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- But, if you breed Manaphy (only legendary that can breed) then the egg hatches as Phione Lushbob

How does manaphy make phione?

You breed Manaphy with a Ditto.

What do you get if you breed a manaphy with a manaphy on Pokemon diamond?

Each Pokemon is part of a specific Egg Group. They can only breed with other Pokemon within the same Egg Group or sometimes with Ditto. Manaphy and Metagross are unable to breed with one another because they are not in the same Egg Group. On a side note, if you breed Manaphy with a Ditto you will receive a Phione. It is the pre-evolution of Manaphy but cannot evolve into a Manaphy.

What lengendary Pokemon can you breed?

Manaphy And Heatran, but If you breed a Manaphy you only get a Phione which CANNOT evolve

Are there any legendary Pokemon that can breed?

Manaphy can breed with a Ditto, but the offspring will be a Phione, not another Manaphy.

Can you breed Arceus in pearl or diamond with another Arceus?

One legendary can be breed. And that is Manaphy. If you breed it with a ditto or another Manaphy, you can get a Phione.

Can you get legendary Pokemon to breed on Pokemon?

No, legendary Pokemon cannot breed, Unless you count manaphy which breed into Phione's but they don't evolve into Manaphy

Which legendaries can breed with Ditto?

Manaphy and rotom but if you want to breed with manaphy you need a action replay or a game shark

What if Ditto doesn't like manaphy?

you can only breed manaphy with ditto it wont breed with any other Pokemon