What berries make dry poffins?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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i haven't done much poffin making, but i know for a fact that wiki berries make dry ones, don't know about any others.

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Q: What berries make dry poffins?
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In platinum what is the best barry for dry poffins?

Chesto, Wiki, Oran, Pamtre, Charti, Micle berries make dry poffins, any will do.

I am trying to evolve my Pokemon to higher levels so I am trying to feed them berries is there a guide for this my Togepi likes dry food so what berries do I mix to make a dry food?

Dry poffins can be made by mixing Chesto, Wiki, Oran, Pamtre, Charti and Micle berries into a poffin.

What berries will feebas will evoled?

Berries that are dry like..... chesto, cornn, grepa, lansat........ check it by checking the tag of the berry which it says what flavor it is... if it's dry the berry is for beauty to make feebas evolve....

What types of poffins are there in Pokemon?

Poffins are Pokemon cakes that improve your chances of winning a contest. There are Sweet, Sour, Bitter, Dry and Spicy poffins (there can also be combinations of poffin types like the Bitter-Spicy poffin, the Dry-Sour poffin etc...). Sweet poffins raise cuteness, Spicy poffins raise coolness, Sour poffins raise toughness, Bitter poffins raise smartness, Dry poffins raise beauty. Poffins are also leveled to show how much of that particular stat you have raised. Also, if you make poffins with the right berries and plenty of friends, you might get a mild poffin. Mild poffins raise ALL of the stats mentioned above (cuteness, coolness, toughness, smartness and beauty) so if you are making poffins, this is the one to go for. there are:sour,sweet,mild,foul,dry and biter.

What is the best berry to use to make dry poffins?

The best berry to make dry poffins is the legendary Micle berry. Since this berry is very hard to find, a Belue berry - found in Amity Park - would be a good alternative, or, if you have them, the legendary berries Ganlon and Apicot have the same amount of dryness as a Belue berry.

How do you max feebas beauty in Pokemon sapphire?

You need to make as many Dry poffins as you can. The stronger they are, the higher feebas's beauty will rise. Dont get a feebas that has an adamant, impish, careful, or jolly nature cuz those natures hate dry poffins. Also to get the strongest poffins, get in a group (if possible) and use you dryiest berries (micle berries are dryiest, but impossible to get, so use pamtre berries, found on your Pokemon while taking a walk in Amity Square). ____________________________________________________________________ in platinum, if you have lots of money you could buy level 32 poffins of all kinds and its on the bottom floor of the pokemart building in veilstone city

What are the bluk and cornn berries for in Pokemon SoulSilver?

The Bluk and Cornn berries are traded in for accessories. They can also be used to make poffins.

What do you feed Pokemon?

poffins and berries

Do Pokemon eat?

You can turn berries into poffins in Heart Home City and you can feed the poffins to your pokemon.

How do you make poffins in Pokemon diamond?

You get some berries then you go to hearthome city. There is a house next to the pokeshop. Go in and speak to the lady stood in front of the table And there you go your ready to make poffins!

Where do you get poke blocks on Pokemon diamond?

There is no poke blocks in sinnoh it is called poffins and to make them you need to go to hearthome city and have some berries with you as well and find the house that helps you make poffins.

What are the best kind of berries to make into dry poffins to feed to a feebas to max out its beauty on diamond?

the berry that i use on my feebas was pamtre berry and it turn out well my feebas evolve you can get the pamtre berry on pal park